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Dirty Harry

Once the school day was over, I had attended a football practice and my then girlfriend Dawn had been doing an after school gym class. It was a cold and dark autuminal late evening by the time we were finished up and on our way back to my parents house for a meal. We were both tired and cold so decided to take a short cut to the house which entailed cutting off the corner of a housing block by crossing through a private residences yard. Now the house to cut through was owned by an elderly guy called Harry, who had los Continue»

I Kissed a Girl Named Katy Perry

Disclaimer: This is my fourth story... All photos belong to Katy Perry or their rightful owners. And so we begin... So, I might have not had much experience before I met her. Fine. I was a virgin before I met her, you happy? But that doesn't mean I'm embarrassed about that fact. So what that I never had a girl until I was 23 years old? I gave my first time to her. My first girlfriend, and my first sex partner. No, wait. Were we even a couple? Or were we just having sex? She taught me a lot. Sometimes t Continue»

In Megan Fox's Body

Disclaimer: This is my fifth story... All photos belong to Megan Fox or their rightful owners. And so we begin... I have to admit. My career comes with many perks. Just seeing hot celebrities everyday was good enough for some people... but I managed to up that. I got to see them naked. I'm not some photographer who can see them behind the scenes, nor am I a movie director who gets to shoot them in some sex scenes. No. I'm a powerful man in the industry, with both money and the connections. The women Continue»


"May you live in interesting times," Anya intoned. "Man, I always get that one!" "In bed," I reminded her saucily. "Speaking of which… Josh's coming over tonight," she giggled. "Read yours!" "You are about to embark on a fabulous adventure." I paused for a beat then added, "In bed." "Well, you are going on a trip tomorrow!" Anya squealed excitedly. "And it's been way too long since you had a man in your bed, mister." The reminder th Continue»

Love at The 83rd Academy Awards

So After The 83rd Academy award I decided to hang with Jennifer Lawrence she wasn’t doing anything and we decided to go a fancy restaurant in the L.A. area. There was a lot of sparkling light and the sound of clinking glasses in the dimly lit room. The murmur of many voices in conversation, sometimes rising into laughter, sometimes diminishing into a cozy half-silence. A lot of polished wood and expensive paintings. Some very well dressed and well trained waiters and waitresses, and Jennifer's Blue eyes staring in Continue»

Everything is Better with Coke

It was mid September and I had just finished my annual Fall decorating around the house. I was exhausted but taking in the colors around my living and dining rooms back dropped by my Mustard Yellow walls it was worth it. Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. The vibrant colors of the trees and decor around town, the feel of the cool breeze in the air, and the strong aroma of pumpkin spice everywhere you turn, which happened to be one of my favorite scents ever. People are also nicer in the fall. I think it Continue»

The Other Side of Miley Cyrus

Disclaimer: This is my third story, and the first draft got deleted when I accidentally refreshed the page. So apologies if this was not as good as the original draft, you never read it anyway... All photos belong to Miley Cyrus or their rightful owners. And so we begin... Wonder how she went from a sweet, innocent girl to become the queen of twerking? Well, it might have something to do with her parents and Liam... but I have to admit that I was the other part of the reason. I was the enabler. Her accomplice Continue»

I'm Sorry, Lindsay

Disclaimer: This is my second story here, but for some reason, the first has never appeared... All photos belong to Lindsay Lohan or their rightful owners. And so we begin... She wasn't like that you know. She wasn't so... for lack of a better word, wild. When I first saw her, I thought, this chick looks so innocent. Am I to be blamed? That's a question I would think to myself now at times. Do I regret it? No. She was of a legal age when we first got together, and she was a willing party. In fact, Continue»

Fantasies Come to Life Creampie

I had not been completely satisfied with the status of my sex life between my wife and I. Oh the sex was good; I just wanted a little more excitement. One night we were sharing some of our fantasies. Turns out she had fantasized about being taken by f***e. I shared some of mine with her as well. The result of this was one night that was certainly exciting. It was a Saturday and Karen told me she was going to go running. She stays in great shape and looks marvelous. I told her I had some errands to run and I would be Continue»

Curiosity killed the Cat

Curiosity killed the cat A long week end I was home alone again: my loving Victor flying away until Monday. I was getting a little bit boring, when I saw my neighbor Thomas on the street. He was a handsome guy and was the owner of a sex shop Victor and I had never visited. I went outside just to say hello. Thomas smiled and we chatted about his business. He said it was going very fine, even few women sometimes would find their way there. "Women go in too…on their own?" I asked a little surprised Thomas Continue»

A surprising date

One day one of my old friends calls me up. He runs a dating bureau now, and ask me if I can help him out a bit. A guy cancelled in the last minute and he needs someone to step in ASAP as the date is in just 3 hours. It's a blind date he explains to me, so she won't know I just got the call. He tells me she is a very important client so he don't want to have to cancel on her. As a single guy you sometimes have to take a chance when it occurs, so I say yes to go on the date. "Just go to the bar and put a rose on th Continue»

Thankk you Liz

Thank you Liz Ros– me being Liz had been close mates all through school until she suddenly left school at 16 yrs and just seemed to disappear. We were very close and I did miss her but I went on to finish school, go to university and eventually pass out with a law degree. A great time at uni and in the last year spent much time in bed with a fellow law student. We were both lucky enough to be employed in the same Melbourne law firm so we got married. I specialized in property law whilst Alan was criminal law. W Continue»

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Soulda, Woulda, Coulda So, Idk if I have a bad picker or if I just have bad luck but another try to find my lover has gone down the drain. This time I didn't even get to be in the same room.... Which from hindsight is for the best... So I had been talking to this handsome San Antonio married man, who has no c***dren yet. We took it slow, as he was nervous about meeting someone from a porn site... With good reason, Id say! Haha And that's why I like to meet first as well... So anyways, we get to know each other s Continue»

Harry Potter and the Black s****rs

Narcissa awoke only to find herself strapped to a table completely naked. She struggled against the bonds, but found they were solid. “Cissy?” Narcissa craned her head to find her s****r Bellatrix chained to a wall just as naked as she was. “Bella, where are we?” Narcissa asked. “I haven’t a clue” Bellatrix said. Soon the door opened and they found their s****r Andromeda walk in. “Andi, thank Merlin you’re here please you’ve got to release us” Narcissa said pleadingly. But their s****r said Continue»

La pute des routiers

C’est en discutant sur le net que j’ai pu réaliser un autre de mes phantasmes : faire la pute sur une aire d’autoroute… Depuis pas mal de temps j’étais en contact avec Pablo, un routier espagnol. Après avoir vu mes photos, puis plusieurs live sur camsexy, il voulait me rencontrer. Il me disait aimer passionnément les trav surtout aussi féminine que moi. Régulièrement il prend l’autoroute qui passe à côté de chez moi et passe une nuit entre Carca et Narbonne. Ce soir, nous nous retrouvons sur MSN. Continue»


Je me prostitue auprès de mes deux grandes filles. Cela dure depuis des années… En général elles me louent pour le week-end. Mes filles me baisent et me font baiser par leurs maris, mes gendres. Parfois, elles me revendent à leurs voisins et je sers de pute à tout le quartier. Mais j’aime mes filles, j’aime quand elles me défoncent au god à main par le cul et le vagin. Un jour, elles arrivent chez moi et me disent : « Maman, on va te violer ! Comme la pute que tu es ! » Elles étaient venues Continue»


Bonjour chers admirateurs et admiratrices ! Aujourd’hui, je vais vous faire découvrir les aspects les plus crads de la pornographie que je pratique. Je voudrais que toutes les femmes qui vont lire cette revue acceptent de tenter au moins une fois de faire les actes sexuels qu’elles n’osent pas faire. Ainsi, combien de femmes n’ont pas fait l’amour avec des animaux ? Pourtant, se faire baiser chaque jour par un chien est un plaisir rare que je pratique chez moi. OUI ! je fais l’amour avec des chiens t Continue»

La pute et Cendrillon

Comme tous les jours depuis 4 ans, je tapine. J'ai mis une fois de plus mes talons aiguilles, ma minijupe rouge et mon chemisier blanc à décolleté souillé. Il est 20 heures, j'ai déjà fait 4500DA aujourd'hui, pas mal... Une voiture genre grosse berline s'arrête à ma hauteur. La vitre teintée du conducteur s'abaisse. Au volant, un homme, dans la cinquantaine mais bien conservé. A ses côtés, j'aperçois une fille plus jeune, dans les 25 ans, superbe. Lui me demande le tarif pour elle et lui toute la nu Continue»

Wilder Urlaub in Südfrankreich XXII

Wilder Urlaub in Südfrankreich XXII – Marina ©Luftikus, April 2016 Auf dem Weg zurück gingen wir eng umschlungen, jedoch sehr vorsichtig, weil wir uns nichts in unsere zarten Fußsohlen eintreten wollten und kamen so nur relativ langsam voran. Im dichteren Pinienwald, durch den der Pfad zum Hinterausgang und unserem Dünenplatz führte, ging es besser, denn dort lag ein dichter Nadelteppich und soweit waren wir schon durch das dauernde Barfußlaufen abgehärtet, dass uns diese Nadelstiche nichts mehr anhabe Continue»

Wilder Urlaub in Südfrankreich XXI

Wilder Urlaub in Südfrankreich XXI – Bayrisches Intermezzo ©Luftikus, April 2016 Angie lief strahlend voraus, gefolgt von Manu. Ich hatte zwei Wahnsinns-Pos vor mir, die verführerisch glänzten. Mein Schwanz reagierte sofort. So konnte ich nicht zum Frühstück aufkreuzen. Das würde Mama gar nicht gut finden. Mein steifer Schwanz in ihrer Fotze war okay, in ihrem Arsch auch, aber bei Tisch? Ich hatte nur die Wahl, entweder zurück ins Wasser oder an etwas denken, das abtörnend wirkte, zum Beispiel an Stau Continue»