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Beautiful Nymphomaniac Whores from Outer Space

Barry is a typical, rather nerdy man. He is 26, wears glasses and is a little bit clumsy. He has brown eyes and curly brown hair with a moustache and sideburns. He is tall and has an average build with a thick cock, but he is pretty inexperienced around the ladies. He’s only laid 3 different women in his entire life. The first was a fat chick with a low self-esteem. The second was his girlfriend that dumped him and moved in with his best friend, and the most recent one was an older lady that he met at the supermark Continue»

Debra Messing Moving Day

'Mysteries of Laura' had just been cancelled after only two seasons, and suddenly perky redheaded beauty Debra Messing, and the rest of the cast was out of work. Despite decent ratings, NBC decided not to renew the popular series. Debra had seen it coming though, and already had sold her downtown apartment and bought a house in a nice upstate community, that was home to several other famous celebrities, including David Letterman, Angie Harmon, Jamie Lee Curtis and ballplayer Mike Piazza. Debra packed her car with s Continue»

The Bartender

My fantasy from the other day … It’s still burning in my mind. So much so that I dreamed about it last night. I was sitting at the bar on the Gulf Coast watching the rain splash the water waiting for you to show up. Not only was it the end of the tourist season but also bad weather seems to keep people indoors … if you can call sprinkling rain “bad weather.” I can say that sex was the last thing on my mind when I parked myself at the corner of the bar. I was wearing a wife beater, a bikini, and a long gr Continue»

Visit to Mexico pt viii

Terry did not sl**p very much that night and neither did Rosa for that matter. Every so often Terry would be stirred awake by the delicious feeling of Rosa's lips and tongue on her mouth and throat. Rosa was insatiable in her desire and it seemed that she could not get enough of kissing and fondling Terry's body. Terry did not complain either and allowed Rosa to have her way with her all throughout the night. Terry could not believe how pleasurable it was to cuddle with Rosa and feel their bare skin touching Continue»

Not Your Everyday Lesbian - Part I

I have kept my sexual proclivities quiet and private for the most part. In this day and age it is easy to go on line when you are lonely and find something to ring your chimes. I figure with all the headaches and entanglements of relationships why try anymore? Perhaps it is my age, I am no longer naïve, and am quite worldly I suppose. Searching for the long term love of my life seems hopeless, so I am slowly adapting to a solitary life. Perhaps I am lazy, perhaps a realist but I have tried so many failed r Continue»

Factory Lovin' Fun

Factory Lovin' Fun. ( By Fanny Sleekin...... ha ha ) I very recently started work in a factory on the edge of town, where they make underwear for teenagers mostly. In my department were two girls who were obviously lesbians, I found myself being strangely attracted to them. One was a bit butch called Jenni, but she still looked pretty, and the other was very casual in her appearance, named Emma, slightly more rugged looking, I was to later find out that they were an item. I got to talk to them a lot over th Continue»

My first experience

I was about an hour into my ride when I started to really have to go to the bathroom. I spotted a rest stop so I pulled in, got out of my car, and headed to the restrooms. As soon as I got inside, I went to the urinal, unzipped, and started to pee. I heard the door open and slam but I thought nothing of it until I realized a big beefy trucker started to unzip right next to me. I felt a bit threatened so I tried to speed up so that I could get out of there. To my shock the burly trucker turned and grabbed my arm. & Continue»

Pussy Eating, Dick Sucking & Sixty-Nine

Hi yall, I hope y'all enjoyed reading my previous stories, now I'll share with you about Pussy Eating, Dick Sucking & Sixty-Nine.. Starting with eating pussy. I never thought that something like this would be so amazing. I have a really observant characteristic to notice many thing's, some really handy, some random. Another thing is i am an absolute a****l freak. I've always had pet cats since i was very little. You mightbe thinking why i mentioned these two things and and how they might relate to the story. Well hav Continue»

babysitter p.t.2

When my eyes opened the next day I was slightly disorientated, not quite knowing where I was. I quickly realized I was naked, lying on a couch, covered by a light sheet, but not sure how , where or why. Then the events of the previous night came flooding back and I sat up with a slight gasp, the sheets falling away from my ripe, firm breasts, and I hastily pulled the sheet back up again and looked around. The room was deserted, but I could hear movement and the light noise of plates and dishes being moved coming from th Continue»

Sex with Qatar NRI Mallu Aunt

Hi I’m Arun Kumar living in Chennai. This is story of my Mallu Aunt and me having pleasure of life. I’m 19 years old and I’m going to share my sex experience with you guys! I was enjoying my semester holidays in my Aunt’s house. We all went to ECR to a resort for a swim in the pool. She don’t know swimming so I thought her. I had a great opportunity to see her curves. I held her navel and gave her a support to swim. Then I could not resist myself. I touched her breast and it was so soft. We came home so Continue»

Teachers involvement

A story very loosely based on an experience I once had at school, which involved my geography teacher, head mistress, and the assistant deputy head master. My name is Catherine, I had just entered my teens, and was about to take my geography test, when I went down with the flu, so on returning to school, I had to take the exam on my own in the supply room behind the class. Now I always had a crush on my geography teacher Mr Harper, as I had a thing for older and more mature men, a sort of father figure you Continue»

babysitter pt.1.

this story is based on actual real-life events that happened to un-named subjects I can't ever remember receiving pocket money. Both Mom and Dad firmly believed that there should always be an equitable exchange where money was concerned, so from a very early age we had to do small tasks around the house to earn any money that came our way - well, except for the occasional birthday gift of money when we got to those ages where it seemed impossible to find suitable presents. When my b*****r and I got to our earl Continue»

Punishing a naughty husband

I had suspected my hubby had been a naughty boy. We had been swinging for years and had a lot of fun. A lot of filthy dirty fun. But we had one golden rule, we only played together. But I had seen his most recent visa bill and there was a charge for a hotel in Shawhead,several miles from home,that we hadnt used,and also a charge for Ann Summers. And Mork ( not real name obviously ) hadn't bought me sexy underwear in years. So he must have had a meet without me. I wasn't at all upset, I mean I had looked at him fuck ma Continue»

Gods Gift

I was 24 when my whole life changed. My name is Frank. I was a happily married man to a gorgeous Latin wife name l****a. My best friend since high school Tyrone was my business partner. He is a 6 foot tall black linebacker. One of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. My Life was great! Hot wife, best friend, and lots of money! That’s what I thought though? Until one night I came home early to surprise my wife for our Anniversary, but the surprise was on me. I caught her and Tyrone fucking! I was angry, upset, heartbr Continue»

Called To The Office

I was very nervous as I waited outside the principal's office. It was like being back in school myself. My name is Laurel Hennessey and I was thirty-one years old that cold November afternoon. I'd been summoned to school because my son, Jeff, had gotten into a fight and was going to be suspended, or possibly expelled. I sat there wishing, for the ten-thousandth time, that my husband, James, hadn't gotten himself killed in a stupid accident while driving d***k. I wished I was younger and prettier and had a h Continue»

and the next time...

So...I had just had an orgasm like I had never experienced on my own before and Tom was now sitting on the bench in front of me, his hard cock pointing up and oozing pre-cum steadily. I also had at least 2 people watching every move I made through the gloryhole... My heart was pounding as I leaned in to work on this cock in front of lips parted as I grabbed the base of his cock and my tongue instinctively flicked the twitching cockhead in front of me taking the precum off easily in one quick swipe. It was sweet Continue»

Gym Story Interlude

Whilst my little bitch recovers so he can tell you what happened next I thought I could tell you about my first experience with another girl and how it resulted from hot man on man fucking. I had been at Uni for about two months and was sharing an apartment with Kate. Well actually it was a small granny flat in the garden of her wealthy parents. Kate was very athletic with dark brown hair and pert little breasts. I was single, but Kate had a long term boyfriend Mike she had been with since she was at school One Continue»

The Shower Room

I sat on the edge of the pool, the lanes were marked with dark blue linesand the water sparkled a cerulean blue. The water was clear and cool and I sank down into the pool at the deeper end, treading water to stay afloat. My bathing suit hugged me in all the right places, and though I was not fit and slim, I knew I looked good. The months of doing laps here at this pool was paying off. I arched my back as I dove beneath the water, my eyes open and aware. I glided along the floor of the pool and slowly swam t Continue»

Jessica meets Master M and Mistress V (Part 2)

Before reading you should read part one here: (if you haven't already) Now we can resume: As Jessica ate Mistress V's wet, cum-filled pussy Master M was looking on enjoying the show and watching his wife moan in pleasure. Once Jessica had cleaned up all of M's cum, she continued to eat out V's dripping cunt, until she once again felt Mistress V's hand tap her on the shoulder: "Sweetie, I want you to stop, but only because I need to feel you inside me, let Continue»

Bridge of Sighs

I'd known Louise for over 30 years. She was probably my oldest and dearest friend, and was in many ways the 'first girl I loved'; of course I'd fancied many girls before but there was something on a spiritual level between us, and that made my feelings for Lou different. However, we were only ever good friends, never lovers, except for one occasion when the lines got blurred and we fooled around, enjoying the sexuality of the moment. But that was at a time when my life was beginning to spiral out of control and Continue»