Nat is Anna's bitch prt 1 (s****rs)

these are different s****rs than in the previous one, it was given to me the same way as the last one, but i changed it to a story. enjoy.

"damn it! talking to these two horny s****rs on here really gets me horny"
for the past hour i have been talking to s****rs called Sasha and Sophiene and all the while they kept telling me bout what they were doing. licking, fingering, fisting. gets me so wet thinking bout it. the idea of two s****rs screwing is just too damn sexy for me.
"*sigh* wish i could screw my s****r..." i kept thinking about my s****r. her long sexy legs, great D-cp breasts, cute face and brilliant butt. she gets me so horny just bending over in some tight jeans.
i sent a reply to the s****rs then loged off the computer for a while, needed some time to get myself off.
i was already in my bed naked so it didnt take long for me to reach down and start slipping my finger over my pussy and clit, gently teasing myself. i started rubbing my B-cup breasts whilst slowly sliding a finger into my pussy. i started getting quicker and deeper with my fingering till i had 3 fingers inside myself screwing my pussy very quickly. then i heard the door open and shut and i stopped immediately. it was my s****r Anna.
thankfully i was still under my covers so i could pretend to be asl**p. i heard Anna walking around mumbleing to herself then i heard a zipper come undone and something falling to the floor. i stealthily turned around (still pretending to sl**p) and looked at her with half shut eyes. she was standing there in her short mini skirt, knee length black socks and black bra, her breasts jutting firmly out infront of her. i couldnt help muself and started rubbing my pussy very slowly and lightly. she then pulled down her skirt revealing black panties clining tightly to her ass and pussy. she looked over in my direction and i immediately stopped fingering myself and was stone dead still. she walked over to me and knelt down her face inch's from mine.
"Nat? Na~at?" she didnt know i was awake because i had my eyes shut lightly, looking as if i was asl**p. "guess she is asl**p" i then felt something soft on my lips, i peeked my eye open and saw her face directly infront. she was kissing me! i was immediately ready to cum, but i couldnt move. she stopped kissing me and pulled away slightly, then she used her left hand to carefully, open my mouth and then she kissed me again, this time slowly sliding her tongue into my mouth. i instinctively responded by pushing my tongue iinto hers. she immediately pulled away again.
shit!!! i messed up! just keep pretending to sl**p, maybe she'd think i was just having a nice dream or something. "Nat, i know you're awake" bugger. i opened my eyes and she was looking down at me angrily. i was kinda embarrassed. "You were looking at me changing?" i nodded. "You were fingering yourself" i nodded again, but this time asked;
"Hey, you kissed me! dont blame me for anything!" she slapped me across the face. i was stunned.
"Listen bitch, that was to test if you were asl**p! i would have stopped there if you didnt kiss back" i froze up. she was using a comanding voice. "now, get out of bed, NOW" i quickly threw off my covers and stood up, baring my entire body to her. "now bitch, if you make a sound, it will be worse" she reached out and grasped one of my nipples in a vice like grip between her fore-finger and thumb.
"OUCH" she then twisted it painfully. although it hurt, i was getting very horny.
"I said no noise" she then reached out with her right hand and gently rubbed my pussy with one finger. "You really are wet arent you" she rammed 2 fingers deep into my pussy before i could react. "Listen bitch. for peeping, i am gonna fuck you. and i'm going to do it hard" she pushed me onto my bed with her fingers still on my nipple and in my pussy. "What do you say?"
"O-okay!" i was gasping.
"Okay what?" she twisted my nipple further.
"Okay mistress!!!" she seemed satisfied with that and then released my nipple. she then started to quickly pump her fingers in and out of my pussy until i started gasping.
"Cum you slut" i did as ordered and cummed all over her hand. she then shoves her fingers into my mouth and i licked them clean. after that she took off her bra and panties and sat on the bed with her legs spread. she grabbed my head and rammed my face into her pussy. i immediately started to lick and suck her clit and pussy. tasting for the first time my older s****rs sweet pussy. i couldnt get enough of her pussy taste and kept licking. she eventually cummed and i swallowed any cum that got in my mouth. but she wasnt done. she held my head there and kept saying "Dont finish till i tell you to" so i did.
after another 10 cums and with my face covered in her pussy juice, she pushed me onto my back, went to her drawer and brought back a 10 inch long dildo.
"Ever had something in your pussy?" i nodded. "anything this big?" i shook my head. "good. now" she put it to my pussy and rammed 6/10 inch's of it inside my pussy all at once. i cummed instantely. she furiously pumped it in and out of me till all of it was going in and out. she screwed my pussy deeply and harshly. i kept cumming and cumming till i orgasmed, covering the bed, her hand and the dildo with my cum. but she kept screwing my pussy and i kept cumming till i felt light headed and as i almost passed out my s****r said;
"when you wake up, more is coming"
i then blacked out.