Precious Memories Part Two: Mutual Seduction

We moved upstate just in time for school to start. I began the seventh grade in a completely new setting. Country life was all I knew. Life in the suburbs was a huge culture shock. On the first day of school I was dressed like I was ready to buck some hay into the barn. Picked on and humiliated, I spent the remainder of the day after school in my room crying. My ass-kissing b*****r fit right in. He was instantly in the “popular” crowd and was out with his new friends.
My mother, Anna, came home from work at about seven. “What's wrong Chuck?” With a fountain of tears cascading down my face I screamed “Why did you let me go to school dressed like that?! You're from the city! You know how people dress here. Everyone made fun of me! I wish I were fucking dead!” Her eyes began to tear with sympathy. “You never seemed to care about.... I didn't think it would matter that.... I'm so sorry Chuck. I'm so sorry.” She dropped her purse and embraced me. As I buried my sobbing face into her chest I could feel myself getting hard. We are not what one would call a “hugging” f****y. Not a lot of physical contact is ever made. Standing there with our bodies pressed together, it seemed as though one of my fantasy scenarios were playing out. “We'll go to the mall right now and buy you a new wardrobe. How does that sound?” “That sounds great Mom.”
Thanks to my Mom's sophisticated taste in clothes, school became almost tolerable. At least I didn't get picked on as much. Making friends did not come easily. I spent most of my time after school jerking off, thinking about all those pretty girls at school. But before I came, I would always drift back into one of my “Mom” fantasies. Those were still the hottest thoughts in my sick little mind.
The weeks dragged on. As the weather became warmer, my Mom would sunbathe on the deck. I discovered the perfect, voyeuristic vantage point in the kitchen, overlooking the deck below. Every warm, sunny day, I would race home to my private peep show in the kitchen. One day, Anna was lying on her back with the strap of her bikini-top untied; presumably to get an even tan. I thought to myself, “Roll over! Roll over!” As if reading my mind, she lifted her head to look around. Then, I’ll be dammed! She did it! “Finally”, I whispered. As she reached for the sun-tan lotion, she rolled over onto her back. Her small, firm breasts revealed to me at last! She rubbed lotion all over her chest and belly and laid her head back down on the towel. I immediately unzipped my pants and started jerking off. Never before had I seen such a beautiful sight. With her arms up and her hands folded behind her head, she took a deep breath, arching her back. My whole body contorted with spontaneous orgasm. With an uncontrollable groan, my head hit the window. “Oh Shit!” I said out loud. Anna quickly looked up to the kitchen window and looked right into my eyes. In one motion, I stepped back from the window, grabbed the dish rag from the sink, and hastily wiped my cum off the wall below the window and ran to my bedroom. A few seconds later, I heard Anna running up the stairs. “Chuck? Are you here?” Standing, paralyzed in my room with the dish rag still in my hand, I answered with a shaky voice, “Yea Mom. I’m in my room.” Her footsteps approached my door. “Can you come out here? I want to talk to you.” I stuffed the dish rag under my pillow and nervously opened my door. “Yea Mom?” Her blank, uncomfortable stare f***ed a look of guilt onto my face. “Were you just in the kitchen?” My jaw dropped. “Uh..N..No, I mean..I…ju...just got home.” She suddenly got that familiar I-know-you’re-lying look in her eye. She began to smile. “I thought I saw you watching me sunbathing.” My face turned beet-red. “Oh, you were on the deck?” She smiled and turned toward the stairs. “It’s OK if you want to watch me” She said playfully. “Well if you’re alright, I’ll go back to my tanning.” I stood in the hallway, shocked; unable to move or speak. Did I just hear her right?
Several minutes passed before I was able to move. I finally mustered the courage to return to the kitchen. I slowly approached the window. As if the last fifteen minutes had not happened, there she was again; lying on her back with her top off. Her eyes were closed with her mouth slightly open. Her finger tips slowly caressing her firm, slender belly. My cock was in my hand before I realized it. “Holy crap! She knows I’m looking at her! She wants me to look at her” I didn’t want to cum again so quickly. I wanted to savor this moment. Her hands moved toward the top of her bikini bottom. She slid her right hand into her bikini, slowly rubbing her pussy. The hand on my cock matched the motion of her hand between her legs. She began rubbing faster. My eyes were so transfixed on her pussy, I hadn’t noticed that she was looking right at me. My heart stopped and I froze in place. Without taking her eyes off me, she slowly slid off her bikini bottom and spread her legs. Her finger was vigorously darting in and out of her wet pussy. I held my cock up to the window so she could see and then came all over the window.
The cum blast prompted her to get up and come in the house. Her bikini was still on the deck. My heart pounded as she walked up the stairs. I just stood there with my dripping cock still in my hand. Her naked body glistened with oil as she glided toward me. Without saying a word, she got down on her knees in front of me and put my cock in her mouth. She grabbed my ass with both hands and f***ed my hard cock down her throat so far, her extended tongue touched my balls. She, almost violently, f***ed my cock in and out of her throat. I instinctively grabbed the back of her head and began to thrust my hips into her face. “Is this really happening? It can’t be. It’s too fucking surreal.” My thoughts spinning as my Mom’s head was pouncing on my cock. I didn’t warn her when I came. I just came in her mouth! My knees buckled and I dropped to the cool linoleum kitchen floor. Panting for breath, she glared at my cock with a delightfully evil look in her eye. My cock was still hard. She crawled on top of me and maneuvered my cock into her very wet pussy. She rose to a squatting position, with her hands on my chest. Her f***eful thrusts hurt my pelvis, but I absolutely did not want her to stop. She started groaning; her rhythm steadily increasing. “I’m going to cum Chuck! Oh fuck! Ah!!” Her voice, her words, saying my name like that, made me cum again as well. I came inside her pussy this time. In less than two minutes I came in her mouth, then her pussy. This was the best day of my life! She collapsed on me with her head on my chest and my cock still inside her. I just laid there in utter awe and quiet disbelief.
Two years someone lives with you and you think you know them. Go figure. After a few minutes of lying there, catching our breaths, she got up and slowly walked downstairs to get her bikini off the deck. I remained on the cool tile floor with my pants around my knees, in complete blissful shock. She returned to the kitchen with her bikini on. “Get up, will you?” She casually walked around me to the sink, “Where’s the dish rag?” Was I in trouble for something? “Hang on Mom, I’ll get it.” I pulled up my pants and staggered to my room to get the rag. The pillow and bed sheet were spotted with moisture from the cum-soaked dish rag sandwiched between them. I stood there for a moment, attempting to process what just happened. When I returned to the kitchen, she was cleaning the window where I’d shot my cum earlier. “You know Chuck, no one can ever know about this.” All I could think was “fucking duh!” Who would believe me anyway? The single best thing that ever happened in my life and I can tell a fucking soul! “No one will ever know Mom.” She was bent over, inspecting her cleaning job on the window when my cock responded with a salute. “You know mom, Chris won’t be home ‘till about 11:00, and Dad won’t be home ‘till next week. She slowly turned to me with a grin. We both had the same idea. “Why don’t we go to bed mom?” She glanced down to see the bulge in my pants. “You up for round two Chuck?” “Of course mom. By the way, you can call me Charles.” We continued having glorious sex the rest of the day.
I felt like I became a man that day: Thursday, May 24th, 1979 was the most pivotal day of my life. From then on, I walked the school halls with an uncommon confidence; my eyes conveying a secret wisdom. Teachers and classmates seemed to notice something different about me but could not quite put their finger on it.
My mom and I continued fucking each other’s brains out whenever/wherever we got the chance. We both quickly became comfortable around my b*****r and dad. Neither ever suspected a thing.
We had two years of secret, mind-blowing debauchery together before the f****y vacation happened that would change everything……