The nude resort (fantasy)

I have always loved to be naked. I love people to see my body and not at all shy. I used to run around the house naked till my parents then said I was too old and made me wear a robe. I had been looking for a nudist place to go and hang out naked and maybe find some hot sex. I wanted it to be completely naked and no clothing allowed. I finally found one and rented a cabin there for ten days. I was hoping my cabin would be my own sexual "fuck me" palace.

When I checked in the people at the desk were naked. I was told once I got to my room that I could no longer wear my clothes which I knew when I made my reservations. The naked bell boy took me to my cabin and showed me around the big area. I was pleased with it and the sexy bell boy. He reminded me to strip naked and no more clothes till I checked out. I asked him to unzip my dress and he did and it fell to the floor and I was immediately naked as I wore no panties or bra. I am a small person with large firm tits. When I am naked there is no hiding the big globes. The bell boy looked at me and I laughed and turned in a circle for him. I saw his nice sized cock get semi hard. I wanted to fuck this young man right here and right now.

I walked to him and pressed my tits to his chest and rubbed his back. He pulled me tight to him and rubbed my ass. I reached down and began to stroke his cock and his hands went back and forth between my tits and my pussy. His cock grew in size and I knew I was going to love that cock deep in my cunt. It was evident that many women had seduced this sexy boy. He was used to the naked female bodies wanting to fuck him. His finger found my hole and began to finger fuck me. "Put your cock in my cunt and fuck me hard" I begged him. He pushed me on the bed and I spread my legs as he rammed that big hard cock deep in my wet cunt. He then yelled "Hang on you sexy vixen. I am going to ride you hard and fuck you till you scream." And he did. He fucked me hard and deep and sucked and ravaged my nipples like a mad man. I came three times before his cock filled me with cum. He looked at me and said "There baby. Did you like that wild ride? Any time you want more of this cock just call me." I knew I had not seen the last of this sexy man who could fuck me like just like I loved. I wanted more of him and that hard cock.

I then showered and went for a walk. There were three women who looked at me and said hello. They had nice bodies and took care of themselves. One did not shave her cunt and was quite bushy. I did not know women still had a fuzzy pussy any more but I knew some men liked it. By the pool were several men. I arched my back and let my tits lead the way. They all stared as I walked by. I looked at the cocks as I love the big ones. Three of the men had hard ons and they did not seem to mind me looking the cocks over as I did not mind them oogling my tits and pussy. That is why we are here. We love to flaunt our bodies. I then layed down on one of the lounges and spread my legs. I had just got a fresh wax job before coming here and was happy to show off my bald pussy. I smiled at the one man who had the biggest cock and he came over and sat beside me and began to chat. I couldn't take my eyes off his cock which was big and hard and sticking straight out.

He told me I had a great body. He was bold and told me I had wonderful tits and he loved big tits. He then said "I am guessing you are a DD." I laughed and said your are so right. I then told him "And I just happen to love a big cock like you have. I am guessing your are at least 9.5" He smile and said that I seemed to know cocks. I told him "Only the big ones." we chatted for quite a while and my nipples stayed hard the whole time as his cock did. We then went for a swim in the pool. Sometime during the swim he grabbed my tits and I of course grabbed his cock. Sex was not allowed in public but we kept touching. He then went below the water and sucked my nipples. He would surface and rub my tits then go down again to them. It was very erotic in the water.

I then went under the water and sucked his cock. I loved sucking it as I held my breath and took most of him deep in my mouth. I also massaged his big balls. When I surfaced he told me I was going to make him cum. I told him to cum in my mouth and no one will know. He laughed and pushed me back to his cock and I sucked it as long as I could hold my breath then came up and back down again. After several sucks he did fill my mouth with his cum. He grabbed me and held me close and said "Boy, you are good. I want you to suck me more." I told him "I am in cabin B. Bring that cock over any time." He then went under the water and sucked my tits more as his fingers entered my cunt and he finger fucked me till I came. I laughed and said "you can finger my cunt any time you want and put that cock in it." We played in the water a while longer touching each others bodies and getting hot again when I said "lets go to my cabin."

We got out of the water and walked back to my cabin and just inside the door he grabbed me and kissed me as his hands roamed all over my body. "You have an amazing body. I just want to fuck you again and again." He then pushed me to the bed and I spread my legs for him as his face went right to my pussy. He licked, sucked and tongued me till I could not count how many times I came. "Your pussy tastes so good. I love eating it an licking your cum." and he continued for another thirty minutes before he then pushed his cock into my cunt hole. He slowly went in and out a couple times and then pushed every inch of that big cock all the way in me and yelled "Fuck, your pussy is so ready for me to fuck hard. Wrap your legs around me and let me fuck you like you have never been fucked." And he then fucked me hard and deep. I raised my self up to his cock wanting more and more. His thick shaft rubbed the walls of my cunt and I could not stop cumming. I had never been with a man that could fuck so hard and so long. He finally pushed my legs over my head and pounded me deep. When he finally came I felt the big gush and he filled me full.

He layed on me and kept his cock in my cunt as he nursed on my tits. "I love your tits. I love your pussy too. I am going to catch my breath and then really fuck you hard again and again." I was thrilled as I loved his big thick cock. He could fuck me all he wanted. I knew I would never get enough. So I then shoved him over on his back and removed his cock from my cunt and began to suck him. "Relax. You are going to love this. I love to suck cock and I deep throat good." I then licked his cock and his balls. I licked the tip and felt him jerk. He liked that a lot. I spent a lot if time on the tip and licked his precum. "Your big cock tastes so good." I then took his cock into my mouth. I sucked him as I rubbed my tongue over his cock and he moaned, "Yes baby. Suck me. You are good. Suck that big cock." I then took every inch down my throat as my tongue rubbed his hard cock. He was so hot and he took my head and held it as he mouth fucked me. He would push his cock all the way in and hole it there as I sucked him. "Baby, I could do this all day. You know how to suck a cock." he moaned breathlessly. This man had such stamina. He face fucked me as I sucked and licked him for over an hour as he moaned and held his cock deep down my throat. He then screamed "Here is the best part of cock sucking. I am going to blow my cum down your throat." and he did. He gushed a huge load into my throat as he screamed in delight.

I loved fucking this man. He could fuck for hours and had great tasting cum. He could eat pussy and suck tits and make me cum over and over. His cock never got limp. We stayed in my cabin all night and fucked and sucked. He worshipped my tits and pussy and I loved his big hard cock. It was going to be a wonderful ten days at the nudist resort.